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Conference for Grievance Redress and Accountability Mechanisms (GRAM) scheduled to be held in Colombo (6th to 8th April 2020)

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Ambassador Dr. A. Saj U. Mendis and the Head of Chancery, Ms. Sasanga Nikapitiya met with Dr. Lalanath de Silva, Head of Independent Redress Mechanism (GRAM) of Green Climate Fund (GCF) based in the Republic of Korea and his delegation at the Embassy on 10th of February 2020 to discuss the proposed International Conference and other issues of relevance with the Delegation led by Sri Lankan born, Dr. Lalanath de Silva of GRAM, GCF. Dr. Mendis and delegation of Dr. de Silva had extensive and expansive discussion of the GCF with regard to assistance extended to Sri Lanka and other concomitant climatic issues and opportunities for Sri Lanka to address the climatic challenges, amongst others. Dr. de Silva stated that the scheduled Conference titled with the acronym “GRAM” is scheduled to be held in Colombo from 6th to 8th April 2020. This was due to the issue of Coronavirus in the region as it was scheduled to be held in Seoul.


It may further be noted that an International Conference of this nature and of this stature at this juncture in Sri Lanka would be most beneficial not only in enhancing and aggrandizing the image and profile of the country but also would augur well for tourism in the country. Needless to state that this was very positive from a Sri Lankan perspective be it MICE Tourism, economic opportunities and potentiality or awareness and stability of the country, amongst others. The Mission and, in particular, Ambassador Dr. Mendis assured to the GRAM of GCF that the Mission would communicate to the relevant Divisions of the Ministry of Foreign Relations in Colombo and would endeavor that the aforementioned high-profile International Conference takes place in Colombo consisting of nearly 100 foreign delegates.




Ambassador Dr. Mendis discussing with Dr. Lalanath de Silva, Head of Independent Redress Mechanism (GRAM) of Green Climate Fund (GCF) and his Delegation at the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Seoul