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A Sri Lankan receives permanent residency in the Republic of Korea for his righteous act

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A Sri Lankan receives permanent residency in the Republic of Korea

 for his righteous act



Mr. Nimal Siri Bandara, a Sri Lankan was granted the permanent residency status in the Republic of Korea by the Director General of the Nationality and Integration Policy Division of the Ministry of Justice in the Republic of Korea Pok Keun Yuh at the Daegu Immigration Office in Daegu City on 18 December 2018.


The Government of the Republic of Korea decided to grant an F-5 permanent residency visa for Mr. Bandara in appreciation of his brave act of risking his life to save a 90-year-old Korean woman from a burning house in Gunwi County in the North Gyeonsang Province, Republic of Korea in February 2017.


The Chargé d' Affaires of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in the Republic of Korea Jagath Abeywarna participated in the ceremony together with the officials from the Daegu Immigration Office, family members of the Korean woman whose life had been saved by Mr. Bandara and friends of the awardee.


Embassy of Sri Lanka

Republic of Korea

18 December 2018